Avoid Scam Locksmiths


keysWell first off, you need to know what to watch out for. How can you avoid a scam locksmith, if you have no idea of what to expect. This is exactly why you are looking at this content today. So let’s go over some tips on how to recognize these scams and what to do about them.

1)Try to find someone who is pretty much “local” to you. Don’t fall for those who advertise outside of your surrounding area. Give them a call and ask them questions. Find out as much as you can before your make the choice to hire.

If they answer the phone with a “generic” name or illustration, you should hang up. A generic message or way of approaching the business should be an immediate red flag. Have the company confirm its location when you call them. You might also want to locate them online before giving them a call. These are just ways to verify that what they are telling you is the truth.

It’s better to use scrutiny to find out the details. If the number begins with an (800) number, this is a sign that the center is out-of-state. It’s better to move on.

2)Only 15 states thus far require licensing. Go online and research these states. Places like Alabama, North Carolina, New Jersey and Texas all require licensing. These states are just a sample. You’ll have to go online and find the rest.

If your state is not listed among these, you should be very weary. If your state doesn’t require tabs on illegal activity, verifying the authenticity becomes even more important.
It will become even more apparent to ask questions. If the company/person starts to get shady and passive, with each question you ask, you should take this as a sign.

Scams don’t like to be asked questions.

locksmith3)Get an estimate before you have the guy come out. Some hear costs ranging from $15-40. THIS IS FAKE.I am not trying to shout at you. I am trying to make a point.

It takes overheard to get the guy to come to you. A job costing $15 is not real. No place would be able to stay in business with a cost like this. Most jobs will cost about $60 and over.

Don’t buy into the “bait and switch” deal either. This is when the company quotes you a low price over the phone. Then they gouge you when they get to your door. Lots of scams do this.

They claim “the job will end up costing more than they realized.”

Don’t believe this line for a second. Many have been scammed out of hundreds, even thousands of dollars because of this. If you hear anything less than $40, it’s going to cost you so much more.

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